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Garden and Budget – How you can beautify without going broke

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Garden and Budget – How you can beautify without going broke

Garden and Budget – How you can beautify without going broke

Just a week ago the scientists at NASA released the picture of a piece of ice near the north pole that was a perfect cuboid. It was shared extensively on social media and the internet because of its sharp edges and perfect shapes. People were in awe of mother nature. Later NASA released the statement that the characteristics that the piece of ice exhibited were typical of a piece of ice that recently broke from the ice shelf.

However, nobody cared what the fact really implied. The fact implied, in the simplest words, that our ice shelves are burning. It implied that the effects of global warming are becoming more and more apparent and all we care about is the stray piece of ice being proportional and having sharp angles.

Global Warming:

This is a very disturbing fact because our sense of aesthetic will not exist if the world burns down to ashes because of all the global warming. What is even more disturbing is that we are so ignorant that we failed to even realize the problem even after NASA clarified why the phenomenon occurred.

If you need a formal definition of global warming to ac knowledge the problem, here is one. As the name suggests, global warming is the phenomenon that of the rise in average temperatures worldwide. The most apparent symptoms are: significantly reduced rainfalls, huge delays in seasons, more severe heat waves, natural fires, increased skin cancer reports, and so much more of what we have been seeing recently.

Trees and Plants:

If you start digging into the root causes of this phenomenon, you will come to the conclusion that apart from the raised carbon levels from vehicles and industries deforestation is one of the most important causes behind global warming. However, we have come to disregard the effect that trees have on our environment and focus solely on the plastic and pollution phenomenon.

I am not disregarding the fact that there is a need to address the pollution but emphasizing that there is a more important need to focus on reforestation projects. The plantation itself leads to lower levels of pollution by reducing the carbon levels. Moreover, plants also lead to more rainfall since they add to the evaporation through transpiration.

Household Plantations:

Realizing this need to plant more, governments and health organizations have been pushing people to undertake more and more plantations in their neighborhood and their own homes. AS a result people have been actively engaging in landscape gardening and as a result, you can now see more and more houses with gardens within their houses. In fact, with increased demand for gardens inside houses, manufacturers have now made it easier to set up these gardens by not only providing easy to use the tool but also providing services that help people set up these gardens in their houses.

However, a great hindrance in setting up these plantations inside houses is that people believe that these are very expensive affairs. Although in most cases they are, they do not really have to be. There are tips that will help you beautify your homes without having to go completely broke. Here are some cost-effective ways to beautify your gardens:

·        Recycled Seedling Pots:

You do not need to buy special pots for your seedlings. That is one expense you can surely write off. You can literally use anything for that. Shoeboxes, milk packs, plastic bottles, cardboard cuttings, old bowls, literally anything. Just use something that can hold some manure and not tear off when you water it a little and you will be good to go. Besides, you do not need to keep your plants in there forever.

·        Natural Fertilizers:

You really do not need to go out and buy some expensive fertilizer to make sure your plants flourish. Most of what you throw in your dustbin can be used as fertilizer. Fruit peels, cat litter, even the leaves off the trees themselves. All you need to do is just bury them in the soil and soon afterward they will completely decompose and turn into fertilizer.

·        Get All Season Plants:

It is not only easier to just grow the plants once, but also better to have full-grown plants that do not wither away in any specific season. This also saves you the trouble of bringing up a plant from the initial stages when it is most vulnerable. Plus, you will not need to buy plants over and over again when the seasonal plants wither out.

·        Plant Fruits and Vegetables:

You not only get to use the fruits and vegetable from these plants, but you do not have to go out to buy the seeds. Just ate an apple, save the seeds, dry them and plant them. Moreover, plants like mint and coriander are two of the easiest to grow plants and do not wither easily.

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