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Equipping Your Office – Don’t Forget The Coffee Machine

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Equipping Your Office – Don’t Forget The Coffee Machine

Equipping Your Office – Don’t Forget The Coffee Machine

When decorating and equipping your office, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. From the colours of the walls to the furniture in your reception room, nothing can be forgotten. Still, there’s one thing that most offices tend to neglect. Whether it’s because they perceive it unnecessary or just forget about it, it seems that the coffee machine is still looking for its place in the office. This handy little device will brighten the day of both your employees and clients, as well as stir up an interesting conversation. With just a simple coffee machine, you’ll be able to create a warm and nurturing office environment. Of course, you have to choose the right type first.

1. The French press coffee machine

Perhaps more European in style, the French press is cylindrically shaped and it comes with a plunger. It’s a perfect choice if you want to introduce something new to the office kitchen and give your employees a unique coffee experience. It’s relatively simple to use, as the process doesn’t take long nor is it complicated. The beans are placed in the maker and submerged in water for a period of time.

All you have to do after that is push the plunger down. This grounds the coffee and fills your cup with a delicious stream of black coffee. You can tamper with the process by adding as much water and ground coffee as you want. This means each employee will get their preferred cup of coffee each time.

2. Bean-to-cup machines

Those aiming to provide a coffee experience which won’t soon be forgotten should consider bean-to-cup machines. They are meant for the true enthusiast because they give you the opportunity to brew one of the finest cups of coffee you’ll ever taste. If you want to treat your employees with something special, this is the machine to go for. The beans are ground when you need it, meaning the coffee is always fresh. Many models come with a frothing function, which means you’ll also be able to produce lattes and cappuccinos.

Though they may seem complicated due to a variety of customization options, these machines are actually very easy to use. To make your perfect cup of Joe, you can play with the water temperature, grinding coarseness, and coffee strength. They run on fresh beans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with ground coffee, too. The high customizability and the fact you can use both fresh and ground beans make this machine the favourite of many offices. Of course, all this might mean your employees will be spending too much time brewing coffee.

3. Filter coffee machines

If your goal is to have just a simple coffee machine that does its job, its best to opt for the filter coffee machine. It might be a perfect test for the office. You won’t have to invest much at all and you’ll see how handy having a coffee maker actually is for your office. If it turns out the people love using it, you can invest in something with more pizzazz. Of course, the low price doesn’t mean the filter coffee machine doesn’t offer excellent service.

The way it works is that the water slowly drips through ground coffee into a cup or a big jug. Though the process is relatively simple, you are rewarded with a steaming fresh cup of black coffee to start your day. They’re good for offices because they can make more cups of coffee at once. In fact, some models can even brew for up to 12 people a batch.

4. Capsule coffee machines

Considered to be the best office coffee machine, capsule coffee pods makers work to bring you the best of both worlds. They offer a variety of coffee while delivering it quickly. This allows people with different tastes to use it, as well as a number of people to get the caffeine rather quickly. Unlike some other machines, the capsule coffee maker also doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of ease of use. Though it only takes a press of a button to get your cup of Joe, it tastes as you brew it yourself.

Of course, you can’t use fresh coffee beans or pre-ground coffee for this machine. It only works with capsules or pods. That’s actually hermetically sealed coffee inside a capsule or a pod that you put in the machine. Though this may be a disadvantage for home use, it’s actually ideal for the office. It’s much easier and cheaper to obtain pods and capsules, allowing you to have full stock all the time. No one has to go without their morning cup.

5. A traditional espresso machine

If you think your workplace will do best with pre-ground coffee, espresso machines are probably your safest bet. Though the only espresso is in the name, they can actually make different types of coffee. This, of course, means people of all different tastes can enjoy them. Another perk is that they’re fairly cheaper than other types of coffee makers. Because they can’t grind fresh coffee beans, there is also no grinder. This makes them an easy fit for any office kitchen.

Any pre-ground coffee brand can be used, allowing you to choose your favourite according to the office taste and budget. You’ll also be happy to know that your employees will be able to customize their coffees. By changing the amount of water and coffee, your employees will be able to tailor their cups according to whether they like their coffee stronger or weaker. It might take a little longer to get your coffee in the morning, though, but the wait is worth the quality.


As you can see, there are many different types of coffee makers. It may have seen as an easy decision when you thought they were all the same, but now that you’re more informed, choosing the right type will require some thought. Take your employees’ needs into consideration first. The right coffee maker will be able to meet the demands of your workforce and fill every cup effortlessly.

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