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Educational Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer

Educational Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer

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Educational Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer

Educational Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer

There’s just something great about being a police officer. There’s a lot of people out there who’re dreaming about joining the force and if you’re among them, it’s the right time for you to check whether this is the career for you. And if you’re not sure where to start, we recommend taking a closer look at educational requirements for becoming a police officer.

Basic education

In Australia, if you want to become a police officer, you first need to complete either a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or Year 10 together with a trade certificate. Without these certificates, you won’t be eligible for the recruitment which means that thinking about becoming a police officer is a waste of time. However, if you have these certificates considering basic education, the only things left to do is to make sure you hold a driver’s license and complete the University Certificate in Workforce Essentials.

Tertiary education

Having tertiary education is something that can add to your competitiveness in the recruiting process. The police is looking to recruit graduates from different disciplines. And we’re not only talking about disciplines such as law, justice and criminology but those such as philosophy, social sciences and emergency management as well. Degrees like this can help a police officer think in emergency situations and take a look at the problem from various angles. Other disciplines such as technology, engineering and mathematics can also be a huge plus. Therefore, if you’re dreaming about becoming a police officer, there should be nothing stopping you from studying something you truly enjoy since police is a diverse population and you should be able to get recruited no matter which discipline you decide to go for.

Educational Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer

Police academy training

Another important step in getting the education you need in order to become a police officer is taking on police academy training. However, before you get to take police academy training, you’ll first need to pass certain examinations and tests. And even once you pass these, you’ll need to have a face-to-face interview that’ll determine whether you possess all the qualities a police officer needs to have. The length of the course may vary but it’ll usually last no more than 24 weeks. During that time, you’ll be learning about state laws, civil rights, local ordinances and so on. On top of this, you’ll also need to study things such as self-defense, first-aid and emergency control. Only once you’ve completed the police academy training will you be able to become a police officer and take on assignments. Once you complete the initial 24 weeks of training, you’ll be able to start working but you’ll have to take a further 12 months of on-the-job training.

Educational Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer

Other requirements

Even though getting all the education you need is the most important part of preparing for a career as a police officer, there are some other things you’ll have to do in order to be able to join the police. Firstly, you’ll need to maintain your health and fitness levels even before you take on police academy training. That way, you’ll ensure you’re fit enough to face all the challenges during the training. Not to mention that this will help you a lot once you actually become a police officer. Aside from this, you’ll also need to apply for a police clearance certificate and prove you haven’t committed any offences in the past.

Employment projections

According to recent reports, the employment of police and detectives is expected to grow in the next couple of years. This means there will be more chance for qualified candidates to get hired in local police departments. However, state and federal positions are expected to remain more competitive. Also, when it comes to getting hired, there’s always more chance you’ll get a job in an urban area with a high crime rate and police departments with more modest salaries. It’s also important to mention that those who are bilingual will have more chance of getting hired in urban areas. Therefore, taking a course in a foreign language might also be a good idea if you want to pursue a career in law enforcement.


An average salary of a police officer in Australia stands at $76,949 right now. However, your salary may depend quite a lot on your qualification and abilities. Of course, your work performance is something that can impact your salary. This is the case because there’s always room for promotion if you perform well on your first assignments. However, an Australian police officer’s salary usually doesn’t surpass $125,000.

Educational Requirements For Becoming A Police Officer

Even though we’re talking about a high-intensity job with a difficult application process, if you’re truly are passionate about helping others, there should be nothing stopping your from becoming a police officer. Of course, you need to bear in mind that this is a job with a lot of responsibility and once you get your badge and uniform, it’ll be up to you to protect the community and maintain order. And even once times get difficult, you’ll know it’s all worth it since you’re playing an important part in helping others and making your community a safer place.

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