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Easy way to private enterprise in the USA

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Easy way to private enterprise in the USA

Easy way to private enterprise in the USA

With the current state of the global economy, business area in the United States is one of the most promising. To set-up your business in one of the most developed countries of the world, it is necessary to understand which of the business fields are the most relevant and less competitive. It is important to have an idea about the rules of design, marketing and management at this country.

The USA provides an opportunity to start business from scratch and quickly develop it. When trying this, renting a vehicle will be very supportive.

The most promising directions for beginning entrepreneurs:

  • accounting services

If you are not scared by numerical matrices, then, perhaps it could be the beginning of your own accounting practice. It can easily become the business, which brings both money and pleasure.


Today, the number of entrepreneurs in the US is steadily growing. Consequently, the demand for accounting services is growing, especially in the small business segment. If you are having no qualifications, there are a lot of different courses and training programs, after which you will be a certified accountant. For this kind of private enterprise, the office is not necessarily needed.

  • legal service

For example, having worked in the office for a position that allowed you to gain sufficient experience in the field of export-import operations, your experience can become indispensable for other people, whose business is related or will be related to the supply of foreign goods to the US or vice versa. Trainings, seminars, personal coaching – all this can bring a good stable income.

  • retail trading


One of the examples is trading on eBay. When you are having something unneeded at home, which can be sold, use eBay. Get an account on this site and sell the goods. In order to earn more, you can help other people to sell their stuff and take a commission for your services. Today in the US, the sale/purchase of second-hand goods is very popular.

  • medicine (especially dental medicine)

You should choose the business field, which corresponds to two conditions: it is perspective for the concrete staff and is clear to you, as a businessperson. When talking about starting private enterprise, the beginners should take advantage of the most reliable options, and professionals can try themselves in something new. It should be noted that in the USA it is be difficult to organize something radically new, at least, the ideas from the popular foreign businesses are unlikely to work.

After choosing the specifics, it is important to decide how to organize the business. There are several options:

  1. Purchase of an already existing company.

For beginners this is the best possible option. Small shops or points of trade, service agencies will be most suitable.


– You do not need to look for an office or a store, to get permits (you just need to re-arrange the business)

– There are regular customers

– Purchases are organized and there are already working personnel.


– The purchase of it will cost a lot

– The re-registration can take additional costs

– It is important not to be mistaken with the choice of a ready-made business (the reason, why it is sold may be in its lack of prospects).

  1. Starting a new company.

This option is only valid if you already have experience in starting a new business. You have to not only prepare a business plan, rent a room, solve organizational problems, hire personnel, but also to get permission to conduct business in the United States.


What is needed to start business in the US?

Stages and actions depend on many factors, including the availability of visa, the kind of activity, which is chosen. General instructions include:

  • Getting a business visa. This is quite difficult and not always successful. The second option is registration of business in your country, and afterwards- acquiring or organizing business in the USA. This gives a bonus: a visa category L-1 (valid for 3 years).
  • Premises for rent. Depending on the type of activity, it must comply with the standards established by a particular state. The average cost of renting a small commercial premise in the US is 5-7 thousand dollars per year.
  • Insurance of business. This is an obligatory stage. Costs annually about $ 4 thousand.
  • Hiring staff. Salary in America, as a rule, is calculated per hour. On average, it is about $ 10 per hour.
  • The payment of the state fee. About $ 2 thousand should be paid immediately after the registration of the business.

If this is the first experience of business organization in the US, then it is worthwhile to hire a lawyer.


To achieve financial success in the US, you need to be prepared for constant development and competition. A professional approach and choosing the right idea of ​​small business in the US is a guarantee of success and a stable average income.

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