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Common Myths About Wild Bats

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Common Myths About Wild Bats

Common Myths About Wild Bats

 Most of the things you’ve heard about wild bats might be its bad reputations. You might gather the information from various source including TV, tales, books, movies, and past publicities. However, they might contain disinformation about the wild bats. In fact, bats are the important component for our ecosystem. Mosquitos are bat’s favorite, while they’re not with you. The presence of the bats means the absence of mosquitos in your backyard. Performing insect control is only one important role of bats in our environment. Bats are superb mammals, that don’t deserve harmed or killed for no reasons. Several rules have forbidden the bat killings. You might be afraid of bats due to false reasons:

Sucking Blood

Most of the bat species are eat insectivores or herbivores. Vampire Bat is the only bat species that suck the blood of other animals. However, vampire bats never kill for a meal, when it’s enough, they would leave. In fact, the host won’t be harmed, vampire bats are likely to consume blood from livestock animals rather than human.

Offensive Behavior

The truth is, Bats are scared of your presence. They won’t attack animals or humans like fantasies told you. The only possibilities a bat will attack are rabies and as they’ve been provoked. Mother bats will naturally attack anything threatening their babies. That’s why your pets seem to be likely the victims when they’re curious in the baby bat. Thus, if you find any mother bats, don’t try to move it by yourself, leave it and call the wildlife removal services instead. It’s also important to vaccinate your pets or cattle.

Bats can’t see

The truth is, Bat isn’t blind, fruit bats like Megachiroptera even have a pronounced visual cortex which allow them to have good eyesight and vision. Those bats are able to see, but they don’t use it to navigate but to hunt insects. So, it explains how bats realize threat from certain distance, it’s because they indeed can see.

Even though bats aren’t dangerous, unintentional provocation may lead to attacks on your pets or children. Thus, the best action as you see groups or bat in your backyard is contacting the professional wildlife or bat removal. Don’t try to move them in any way on your own, it could be harmful and dangerous.

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