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UK Travel Destination: Ashford Luxury Places To Hang Out With Friends

UK Travel Destination: Ashford Luxury Places To Hang Out With Friends


UK Travel Destination: Ashford Luxury Places To Hang Out With Friends

UK Travel Destination: Ashford Luxury Places To Hang Out With Friends

Traveling around the country, you definitely want to see historical city sights, monuments, restaurants and activities to explore. The best way to explore the city is UK car traveling opportunities. There is nothing better than a road trip. This is the way to travel through the country fast and with comfort. What kind of car do you prefer? Of course, UK destination has much to offer. Rental24h UK picks the best car for your road trip. Thus, BMW X5 rental by Rental24h takes you to a luxury vacation. Porsche Boxster is good for speedy highways around the city.

Popular Car for British Holidays

So, what cars do UK travelers prefer?

  1. Mercedes Benz – The car interior is specially designed to travel with comfort for your family. It is a lux car for eight passengers! There is enough space for your family and friends all together.
  2. BMW 5 Series – This is dynamic car with sleek shapes and impressive interior. Every detail suits the car to improve your driving experience.
  3. Range Rover Evoque – This is a premium crossover that has impressive and stylish design. This car is good for family trips and student traveling in comfort. But SUV cars are never cheap.
  4. Porsche Panamera – Meet a high-performance lux car which is speedy, comfortable, and stylish all together. The car body and interior are impressive.

2010 BMW X5

UK Destination: Lux Places in Ashford

So, you know what cars are the most popular for lux travelers in UK. What about the most popular places to visit you know nothing about before? Of course, you are offered to go to see the best visiting place for all tourists in Ashford – Ashford Castle. But, you need something more, don’t you?

Ashford Town Bowls Club

Welcome to the Ashford Town Center Bowls Club. The club was founded in 2009. The building is wooden and very old. There are many rooms in it and not all of them are good in the entire structure. The floor is gradually giving way, and there are various gaps in the entire structure. There is a change room for guests and visitors, living room, gaming space, toilet facilities. But there are no special conveniences for disabled persons. It took about $170 000 to renew the building and make it comfortable for visitors. It is still atmospheric to feel yourself like in the Old Ireland. So, if you have a free evening, you may visit this place and enjoy more about bowl game and UK club sports.

Bromley Bowling Club

Ashford Leisure Trust

This main city building provides a large number of leisure activities. The huge area is divided into smaller parts, given to of up-to-date services, including water attractions and health care club. Do you want to know the full list of services? You can find such leisure offers as:

  • Huge indoor water pool
  • Circular teaching pool
  • Leisure pool with water falls and raging river
  • Health Club & Gym
  • SPA Area with sauna, face and body care procedures, steam treatment
  • Sporthall for different sport competitions, entertainment events, and exhibitions
  • Squash courts
  • Changing rooms
  • Resting zone
  • Food court

This is a prestigious place to have fun. You don’t need special membership to come here. But you do need pay money for using services.


Cameo Night Club

This is the best place in Ashford and around to entertain your friends. Do you have a birthday party? Looking for the best place to organize a party for you, welcome to Cameo. No need to have special occasion. You may simply come here to hang out with your friends. There are special entrance packages to buy. Each of them includes the very best premium spirits, drinks on your choice, private VIP booth or suite with table service. The style of your party is also discussed beforehand. This is a really stylish place to arrange something special. Want to order? It takes you a couple of minutes to answer a question and click of a few buttons for the best possible price. Start clubbing here!

Berlin: AM to PM

Club Q

This is another stylish and comfortable place to spend your evening. You may take your friends or relatives for a big party. If you don’t want parties, you just come here to sit and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat.

Ashford is not a city of many interesting places, where you can relax in your own space with your friends. Nevertheless, you can make a search and discover the most interesting of them, not very popular for tourists but atmospheric and luxury. It doesn’t mean that you need to have much money to have a nice time there. You may do nothing but watch sport or music on a massive plasma screen, play table football, electronic darts, bowling for free. Just pay for entrance or clubbing. Remember, such old but small cities like Ashford may be not interesting from the first sight but rather atmospheric and meaningful when you look closer.

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