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A Short Guide for Checking any text for Plagiarism for FREE


A Short Guide for Checking any text for Plagiarism for FREE

A Short Guide for Checking any text for Plagiarism for FREE

For most of us, unique content is valuable. Whether you are a creator or a consumer of content (a reader) being able to lay eyes on something that educates or improves your mindset can be stimulating and worth remembering. Such material is sought after and significantly valued in the world of today. When plagiarism and copycats run free and wild, it is crucial to be able to separate the real deal from the fake. For readers, it is important to not fall for deception and for creators not to become victims of forgery and plagiarism.

How to make sure what you’re reading is original?

There are two ways. One is being the person who has written the text, and the other is uploading it to check it for plagiarism. There is specially designed software which can run any text past databases and compare it with every piece of record there is. This prevents you from becoming vulnerable to copycats. They might claim ownership of some great content and lure your money away, make you trust them etc. If you are paying or just want to get to the bottom of this, use a free plagiarism checker to make sure you are not being deceived.

Plagramme is a free plagiarism checker which anyone can use.

How to make sure what you have written is not being copied?

Far from all authors are immune to plagiarism. In fact, statistics estimate that around 40% of all content creators are plagiarised at least once in their lifetime. If you want to check whether your writing is benefiting anyone else, you can use Search Engines to look for your text. Otherwise, you need to have solid suspicions and put in an enquiry to the publisher.


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