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6 Menswear Staples For Winter 2018

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6 Menswear Staples For Winter 2018

6 Menswear Staples For Winter 2018

As we come further into winter, it’s time to think about reinvigorating your wardrobe ready for that chilly winter weather. This year we’ve seen some incredible trends each season, so it’s no wonder that this A/W menswear has stepped up a notch from last year. So, disregard last winter’s must-haves and delve into 2018 in style. See below 8 menswear staples for winter 2018:




Tracksuits have come full circle from the early 2000’s and are now as fashionable as ever. In fact, it’s not surprising to see mens full tracksuit pieces worn on the red carpet at awards shows as well as lounging around the house. The line between loungewear and formal wear is becoming increasingly thin, so make the most of this trend by stocking up on some high-quality tracksuits.


Trench Coat


If you’ve not got hold of a camel trench coat yet, then you’re at risk of missing out on this sophisticated trend. For years Burberry have been the pioneers of the camel coat, and this year is no different. The relaxed tones make it perfect for both the office and casual day wear. The slightly lounger cut adds to the slouchy feel.


Smart/Casual Trousers


Formal office wear is rarely a requirement these days, so it makes sense to invest in some smart/casual trousers. Say goodbye to your favourite pair of jeans or chinos and say hello to the new breed of casual trousers: slacks. They’re made of wool or cords for a more relaxed, casual fit. Perfect for every day wear if you want to switch up your winter style. Buy these in grey or black to coordinate it with everything else in your wardrobe.


Knitted Ties


The concept of ties is almost a thing of the past, let alone knitted ones. However, they are a dominate feature on the runways this season. Whether you opt for a simple, sleek black knitted tie or step out of your comfort zone with a patterned look, a knitted tie is perfect for the colder months.


A Chunky Rollneck


Men’s rollneck jumpers are underrated. They’re warm, comfortable and most of all – super fashionable. The texturized look makes a chunky rollneck look particular expensive even if you’ve opted for a more affordable piece. Wear with your smart/casual trousers for a premium workwear look that’s easily styled.


Beanie Hat


Beanie hats are wonderful winter warmers. Nowadays you can buy a beanie hat in any pattern in most colourways. So, why not add a few to your collection to mix and match with your outfits? A good-fitting beanie hat can actually look very smart, ideal for the commute to work.

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