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5 Things Customers Want On A Website

5 Things Customers Want On A Website

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5 Things Customers Want On A Website

5 Things Customers Want On A Website

The main purpose of putting up a website is to create a bridge between potential customers and your product or service. And to get that right, you must know how to reel in your customers much like how a fisherman knows when to cast his net and what kind of bait to use. That said, here are five things customers want to know on a website.

1) How your business stands out from the rest

5 Things Customers Want On A Website

One thing you need to understand is that your business has loads of competition out there no matter your niche. There are many other entities across the vast interwebs that offer services just like yours so you ought to mention how your website, hence business, stands out from the crowd. Such information encompasses your area of expertise, amount of experience and any other unique qualities you might have.

2) A precise description of your company’s offers

Nowadays, many websites, particularly those of service-oriented entities, do not disclose the entire picture with regards to products or services offered. They often struggle to find the right balance of secrecy that wards off competition while divulging essential information to the target market. However, if you aim to be successful, you should concentrate on the latter.

On your homepage, tell your customers the offers you have on the table without beating around the bush and link each product directly to the purchase platform. If any vital bit of information is missing, chances are your potential customer will look elsewhere without asking you for further assistance.

3) Contact Information

5 Things Customers Want On A Website

It goes without saying that your website must have a means for the customer to get in touch with you. It’s often the case that you’ll include a phone number or an email address as contact information but a physical location is also important even if your target customers are halfway across the world. Including physical addresses and picture descriptions on your website goes a long way in cementing the credibility of your business.

4) Third-party validation

Your word alone is not good enough. Customers will need a second opinion which you can avail to them in the form of case studies, testimonials, client lists, positive news clippings, recognition and awards under your belt. Client lists are particularly helpful if your target market encompasses businesses as the weight of a high-profile client is sure to tilt the odds in your favor. These days, social networking via blogs and sites is also a popular and strong means of validation.

5) Clear guidance on your processes

Now that customers already have a clear view of what you have to offer, the next vital aspect involves explaining the “how” part of things. Outline detailed and stepwise instructions guiding customers on how to order as well as what they should do if they encounter a problem. You also ought to mention small yet vital details such as shipping costs and processes which should preferably come before the customer gives you their credit card details. Finally, don’t forget to also explain if you have a money back guarantee in place and how you deal with problems or complaints.

That’s it folks. 5 simple rules that should become your set of commandments on “things customers want on a website”. Stick by these simple pointers and your business should do just fine. And ofcourse, it’s good to know that good website, even in accordance to these rules is nothing without internet marketing, so go ahead, make a great website and jump into the world of internet marketing.

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