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5 Popular Interior Design Styles to Inspire You

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5 Popular Interior Design Styles to Inspire You

5 Popular Interior Design Styles to Inspire You

When it comes to designing the interior of your home, consider each space as a blank canvas where you can freely express your personality. You can draw inspiration from homes you love, online design magazines, or focus on a piece of furniture and build around it. There is no hard and fast rule to decorating, as long as you stay true to your style and take into account the basic principles of design. 

Interior design styles have evolved significantly over the years. Some styles become trendy for a season, while others remain timeless. There are also some styles with overlapping elements that may confuse the untrained eye. And if you are in the process of decorating or re-decorating your home, this article will explain some of the most popular styles used today. 


Traditional or classic interior style

Traditional interior design gleans inspiration from 18th century British, French country, and 19th-century neoclassical design. Classic elements such as symmetry, soft edges, and muted color palettes define this style. The traditional style is not stuffy, which makes this style perfect for someone who prefers a simple, homey atmosphere. Most traditional furniture available today is a reproduction. To achieve this style, look for pieces with floral, striped, or solid patterns. 


Rustic interior style

Rustic style is inspired by the time when pioneers began settling in the country. Houses found in rural areas and log cabins are commonly decorated with rustic décor. If you want to give your home a rustic vibe, but do not want to overdo it, simple elements such as a brown leather living room set, furniture made of reclaimed wood, and accessories with an unfinished feel will do the trick. 


Coastal interior style

Homes in New England and the Hamptons are often decorated with a coastal or beach vibe. The key element is to bring in as much natural light as possible by using sheer drapes and keeping color palettes neutral. Spaces are kept open, and accessories are kept minimal. To use this style as inspiration for your home décor, look for distressed furniture, neutral and simple living room furniture, and decorations with a beach theme. 


Industrial interior design

One of the main defining elements of industrial design is highlighting structural materials such as metal beams and exposed brick walls. This style is quite popular today, especially in old industrial buildings converted into lofts. Another key design principle used for this style is keeping floor plans open and spacious. If your house does not have any natural industrial elements, you can achieve this style by using furniture and accessories with metallic accents. If you do not want the space to look too cold, you can add plants for a more natural and lively appearance. 


Modern interior design

This popular interior design style became popular in the 1930s and tended to be more minimalist in appearance. The focus is to keep lines simple and clean. For someone who does not like clutter, this style is preferable. If you want a modern look to your home or a particular space, such as the bedroom, think stark white walls and minimal texture. 

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