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2. What Do You Need to Know About Early Learning?


2. What Do You Need to Know About Early Learning?

2. What Do You Need to Know About Early Learning?

Some parents believe in the “early learning” concept that can be used to jumpstart the educational process of their children. They implement specific learning method to provide teaching sessions for children at very young age. Many parents have desire to educate their children into a prodigy who are able to play complex music, solve complicated math problems and real lengthy books. Parents often scour the Internet to find about the best methods to teach children at a very early stage Parents are often encouraged by anecdotal accounts and personal testimonies, which may have little validity, based on the scientific studies. It is a fact that each child is born with specific innate capabilities. It is important for parents to slowly discover the actual capabilities of each child. We need to make sure that children are completely proficient of accepting specific piece of information. During the first six years, the right side of the brain is still dominant and it is a good opportunity to maximize the learning capabilities of children.

On the other hand, we often hear arguments that very young children still don’t have mature mental and intellectual capacity to accept more complex learning process. In early childhood, children still don’t have fully developed neurological pathways in their brain that can help to enhance these abilities. However, it has been shown by researchers that foetus is able to respond to sound stimuli after the 5th month of pregnancy. At this stage, foetus already has well functioning sense of hearing. It is important to choose what kind of music that should be placed. A proper kind of music and recitation will stimulate the brain to form fully in a proper way. If the foetus receives the right kind of sound stimuli, the wiring inside the brain will become more complex. This will help children to have better cognition and intellectual capabilities. If we want to educate children at a very young age, our goal is to make sure that they have much better neural circuitry. It will be much easier for parents to teach children to perceive numerical quantities and understand actual words.

For older children, who are more than six years old, it is time for parents to focus on the left brain. This is the time for parents to focus on the logical analysis. We should take into account how the brain of our child typically develops. No matter how young our children are, we should know that they already have the ability to absorb some amount of information. Another fact that we need to know is that young children don’t always enjoy an early learning session. Many hapless young children are forced to absorb an immense amount of information.

We should know that this won’t become a good childhood experience, because they will associate learning session with tediousness and difficulty. Instead of making their children become more capable intellectually, overeager parents may end up causing their young children to resist educational process, potentially for decades to come.

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